Salon Masoero Services

Salon Masoero offers a wide range of services to meet your needs

Salon Masoero specializes in designer cuts, custom color, curly and ethnic hair along with natural anti-aging skin care, body wraps and medical massage. Find out how we can partner with you to build on your personal beauty to find a look that embraces you and your lifestyle. At Salon Masoero, your experience is our highest mission and we strive to go above and beyond your expectations at every visit. From cuts to colors and massage to skincare, we will enhance your beauty and well-being. We guarantee every service to exceed your expectations. Regarded as Bellevue's premier salon for the past 20 years, Mark Allen provides the ultimate in hair styling and techniques. Our expertly trained staff will work with you to build on your personal beauty and find a look that is uniquely and embrace your lifestyle.​

Our Services Include:

Women’s Haircut                                                  $50
Men’s Haircut                                                        $40
Child’s Haircut                                                       $25
Wash, Reconstruct & Style                                  $40 & up
Up Do                                                                      $60 & up
Bridal Up-Do’s                                                        $80 & up

Deep Conditioning Treatment                             $25 or add on to your chemical                                                                 service for $15

Luxury Hair Miracle Makeover                            $40
This three step miracle makeover will restore shine, reduce frizz, prevent breakage, heal and help dry, flaky, itchy scalp. Remove chlorine, mineral and product buildup leaving you with gorgeous soft, shiny hair that is not weighted down. Your hair will feel amazing and over 90% reconstructed from the inside out. 


New Growth/Root Color Partial                          $50
New Growth/ Root Color Full                              $80
New Growth w/ Partial Foil                                 $95
New Growth w/ Full Foil                                      $105
Partial Foil or Balayage Highlights                    $85
Full Foil or Balayage         1-4 colors                  $100
Color Correction                                                    $100 & up
Celophane                                                              $45
Perm                                                                       $90 & up
Straightening Services
Relaxer                                                                   $80 & up
Brazilian Gloss                                                      $250 & up
Keratin Complex Treatments                              $250 & up

Eyebrows                                                                $400
Full upper & lower eyeliner                                  $500
Top eyeliner                                                           $350
Lower eyeliner                                                       $250
Eyebrows & Eyeliner                                             $800
Full Lips                                                                  $600

Salon Masoero

Our Unique Philosophy is What Makes Us Different

​Micro Current Facial Treatment                                 $55

Facial Cleanse, tone, micro-current

treatment & moisture pacque   

Micro-Current Body treatment                                    $55 an area

Lymphatic Drainage                                                      $55 an area   

Experience a loss in inches, while ridding your body of toxin buildup. We engage the lymph system with micro-current to move fluid more rapidly in the body to aid in the increase of the filtering that takes place naturally.   People typically do this after consuming anti-biotics or Chemo, having surgery,   before- during and after a  Detox  or people who simply want to feel better or just lose inches.

Brows                                                                              $15
Upper Lip                                                                        $10
Chin                                                                                 $15
Jaw Line                                                                         $15
Neck                                                                                $20
Forehead                                                                        $15
Brows, Lip, Chin, Neck, Jawline                                  $50 

Sonia Joseph, LMP Has specialized in medical massage and pain relief working  for the same group of MD’s for over nine years.  She became a licensed therapist then continued her education in the medical field in 2003. She uses a combination of many different  massage techniques to customize a massage that is just right for you.

Sonia is licensed to do automobile accident insurance work and is a preferred provider with numerous Companies.

Massage has many benefits to include

  • Pain Management
  • Chronic Issues due to profession
  • Relax Tight and or Spasming Muscles
  • Improved Circulation
  • Relaxation
  • Improved Muscle & Skin Tone
  • Ease Tired Joints

Salon Massage Rates                                                     
60 Minute Massage                                                      $70

90 Minute Massage                                                      $90

Mobile Rates

60 Minute Massage                                       $80 & up depending on location

90 Minute Massage                                       $100 & up depending on location